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New Website Features

Website navigation for Jinma tractor partsFor this installment we wanted to make sure you know how best to take advantage of our new website design. On the home page, you now have the opportunity to filter by the make and model of the tractor immediately. Below this filter there is also a space to select a brand or browse through specific categories of parts. It’s a good idea to use the filter prior to running a parts search; it drastically reduces the search results for any query, helping you find the right part faster. If the engine model is unknown, it’s okay to leave the engine field blank when searching for tractor parts. However, you will need the engine model if you’re searching for engine-specific parts. The model can be located on the engine ID tag, which is found on the side of the engine block or on top of the valve cover.

Jinma tractor parts diagram from Circle GAnother great new feature is that, when you’re looking at a page for a specific part, you can now see the parts diagrams toward the bottom left of the page. Every diagram that includes the part you’re looking at will be available, as you can see in this picture. The diagrams are extremely helpful in identifying the proper part and any parts around it that may need to be replaced as well. Make sure to choose the diagram which corresponds to your tractor. Some of the parts fit multiple tractor models, so double-check to make sure you’ve selected the right diagram.

Future Help Guides

In other news, we’re regularly updating this Help Guides section, and we hope these articles can be a big help to you in keeping your equipment running for the long haul. If there’s a topic you’d like to see if cover in a future Help Guide, just shoot us an email at!