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Identifying Your Jinma Oil Filter

Jinma Oil FilterYou probably know how important it is to change your oil and oil filter regularly, but you might not be as clear on how to find the right filter for your specific tractor. There are two main things you will need to know when buying a replacement Jinma oil filter. The first is the model of your tractor, which you can find painted on the hood or body of the tractor. Most tractors have three or four digit model numbers, such as 2420 or 354. The second is the diameter of the threaded hole on the filter.

Locating Your Jinma Oil Filter

Your oil filter should be found underneath your injection pump. You will be able to see the filter housing bolted to the side of your engine just above the oil pan.

Once you have located your oil filter, you will need to remove it and measure the threaded hole at the base where it screws onto the housing. All 200, 300, & 400 Series tractors have two different styles of oil filter. The style that will fit your tractor is determined by the diameter of the threaded hole located at the bottom of your filter. The 200 series (18-28hp) tractors use a JX0707 oil filter.

find your Jinma Oil Filters at Circle G Tractor PartsJX0707 Measurements:

There’s no way to identify which style of JX0707 filter you have by the numbers or lettering printed on the filter. The only way to be certain of your style filter is to take the physical measurement of the threaded hole.

The 300 series (30-35hp) tractors and 400 series (40-45hp) tractors call for a JX85100 A or C.

JX85100 Measurements:

Some of the 300 and 400 Jinma oil filters include the style on the side of the filter (A or C). If the style isn’t visible on the body of the filter, you will have to measure the threaded hole to determine which filter you need.

If you have any more questions about finding the right oil filter for your Jinma, Farm Pro, or NorTrac tractor, feel free to call or email us to get the answers you need!